Jeremy Carpenter

Web Developer

I build things for the web

Web apps and JavaScript libraries for making reusable components

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Hello, I am Jeremy Carpenter, a web developer based in Cleveland, Ohio. Sharpened by 7 years of implementing software as a consultant gathering requirements, designing, and building solutions, I am now realizing a long time dream to build the software itself. Prior to this, I consulted across the entire software development lifecycle complimenting and leading teams of other consultants and customers as we built solutions for integrating, modeling, and reporting on data used for financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting. I enjoyed and excelled at this challenging work, but software development was calling me.

Lately I have been focused on writing reusuable components with the React framework and refining the prop-x and themeweaver libraries I created for using responsive properties and theming reusable components.

In my spare time I enjoy, taking on new hobbies and can often be found paddling my kayak around Lake Erie or sliding down a mountain on skis.




  • Orca

    • React
    • TypeScript
    • Redux
    • Node.js
    • MySQL
    • Express.js
    • Tailwind CSS
    Adventure Properties Screenshot

    Gain control and visibility into your company's workflows

    My experience delivering data centric fully integrated business solutions, provided for a natural transition to full stack development, which is like incorporating centralized logic and data integration with the user interface of the app. This app lets you define and deploy instances of workflows with assignable tasks and dependencies. Have a repeating monthly close schedule? Define this workflow and deploy it monthly to see visibility into the progress and task owners.

    • Login to create, manage, and track workflows and their instances
    • Full stack CRUD application with MVC design practices and REST API
    • REST api and relational data modeling
  • Adventure Properties

    • React
    • Next.js
    • MongoDB
    • StyledComponents
    Adventure Properties Screenshot

    Book your greatest fake vacation!

    This demo site is a booking site like Airbnb which contains login, search, and reservation functionality utilizing mongoDB on the back end to keep track of property availability and reservations. This site is my first foray into server-side development and conforms to REST API principles. This project was a hands-on playground for much my learning journey, and inspired many of the other projects in my portfolio.

    • Search for available properties using geocode lookup and other attributes
    • Login to view and make reservations
    • Sortable search results with pagination